Brief Note Re: Possibly Stolen Passwords

A website I used to use, a decade or more ago, was hacked today, and it turns out they’d been storing passwords in plain text.

The password I used for that site was — *I think* — a throwaway one I used for lots of low-value accounts and still occasionally used (until today) when I needed a password for something I wouldn’t be accessing much.

So while I’m pretty sure nothing important has been affected (and I’ve just gone through the twenty or so websites I use the most and made sure I’m not using that password on any of them) just to say:
The only social media sites on which I am at all currently active are Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Any profiles I have on any other such sites are not used.
I do not currently post on any message boards I posted on in the past.

If you see any strange activity which appears to come from “me”, please do let me know…

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