Ereaders with Buttons?

Does anyone know of a currently-available ereader which meets the following criteria?
Actual eink ereader, not a cheap tablet
Not made by Amazon
Has buttons
Ideally under £100

I’m currently using a recent Kobo, but I’ll be passing that on to Holly as her ereader’s broken, and I’m wanting to buy a replacement for myself. The Kobo, however, is infuriating, as it *only* has a touchscreen interface, no buttons. This is a real problem when it comes to reading books with footnotes, as the action for viewing a footnote (tap your finger on the screen where the footnote is) is the same action as bringing up the menu or turning the page.

I’ve been unable to find any ereaders other than Kindles, currently in production, with any physical buttons. I don’t want a Kindle because I don’t want to encourage Amazon’s monopoly/monopsony on the ebook market.
Any suggestions? (NB if you bought your ereader more than a year or so ago, it’s probably not on the market any more…)

ETA — for those also looking, I eventually bought one of these. The built-in bookstore and dictionaries aren’t in English, but I don’t use those features anyway, and the rest of it seems precisely what I want.

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