Caldream and Podcasts Update

Just to let people know what’s going on.
I now have ten days off work. I intend to use four of them — Monday through Thursday next week — to get the final touches done to the book, after taking a couple of days’ break from everything today and tomorrow.
With luck, I’ll get the ebooks out to Kickstarter and Patreon backers on Friday morning, before heading off to the Monkees show in London.
After a few days to get feedback, I’ll post a revised version of the ebooks to Patreon and Kickstarter, and that will also be the text used in the print copies. I expect to put the print version and revised ebook up for sale within a couple of weeks.
I also intend to get the backlog of podcasts done on Monday. Again, sorry for the incredibly light month this month (though I tried to make it up to Patreons with the most recent Patreon-only post) — I should be getting the results of my blood tests a week on Monday, and then I’ll know what the cause of my fatigue for the last month has been, and have some idea of how to treat it.

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