#harkive liveblogging

Harkive are once again collecting a day’s worth of information about what people are listening to, and how. Over the course of today, they’re collecting blog posts, social media posts, and so on, to get a snapshot of how people listen to music.

I’ll update this post every hour or two until I go to bed tonight.

Today, I got up at 8, and so far listened to:
Mount Vernon and Fairway: The Beach Boys
The last half of a Michael Nesmith live bootleg I’d been listening to last night.
And three tracks I’d downloaded from MP3 blogs of old blues and country records: Pony Time by Don Covay, John Henry by Frances Faye, and Look Out Mabel by GL Crockett.
I’m going to listen to Rambling Rose by Ted Taylor and Wondering by Little Junior Parker before showering and heading off to work, where I’ll be listening to CDs rather than MP3s.
Next update approx 11AM.

Update 10:24AM — on the bus, I listened to about ha;f of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Stew, a collection of incidental music and songs from a production of the play, on my MP3 player (yes, I still use one of those, not a smartphone).

Currently at work, listening to the 2013 mono reissue of Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band on CD (laptop CD drive and headphones).

Update 11:04 — now listening to Place Vendome by the Modern Jazz Quartet and the Swingle Singers, a combination of jazz versions of Bach and Purcell pieces and John Lewis compositions with a baroque feel.

Update 11:53 — listening to Headquarters by the Monkees

Update 13:09 — went for lunch 12:30, back now. Annoying radio that I can’t tell what it is playing across the room. When I start music playing again now, will have to find delicate balance of loud enough to drown out the noise from the radio, but quiet enough not to hurt my ears. This means going for music that’s not got a wide dynamic range (because otherwise the quiet music will be drowned out by radio) and also doesn’t have many super-high frequencies (so no more vibraphone music). At the same time it can’t be too compressed/brickwalled…

13:59 put on disc one of The Lumpy Money Project/Object by Frank Zappa — 1960s mono mixes of Lumpy Gravy and We’re Only In It For The Money

15:28 put on Pretty Songs and Ugly Stories by Ann Magnusson

16:48 put on Coltrane Plays The Blues by John Coltrane

17:31 The Complete ABC Recordings 1959-61, disc 3, by Ray Charles

Left work 18:45. Home 19:24. Started playing MP3s — two Louis Gottschalk pieces followed by American Recorddings by Johnny Cash. I have two MP3 playlists I listen to in alphabetical order by album — one I was listening to this morning, of everything I haven’t heard in a year, and a shorter one which recently looped, of everything I haven’t listened to in seven months and that my wife (who’s home now and wasn’t this morning) can tolerate.

20:21 Anthology 1966-72 by the Move (4CD set, so this’ll be playing for a while)

21L54 Headache, so early night.

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