Linkblogging For 18/7/15

I’ll have this week’s podcasts done tomorrow, along with a Batpost, but tonight I’m working on the Where Are They Now? bit of California Dreaming, so you get links.

First, on that Tim Farron interview, I don’t think it’s my place to talk, but to boost the voices of LGBT people. Here’s what a few of my LGBT friends had to say last night

How one man poisoned a city’s water supply and saved millions of lives

How Clarence Thomas’ judicial opinions stem from his old radical black nationalism

A mathematical argument against “evidence-based” policy — “Put differently, knowing how effective a treatment is, does not tell us how effective any policy is, which is intended to administer that treatment in practice” “This result is peculiar, for it implies that policies such as imposing cigarette taxes cannot be informed by knowing the extent to which smoking causes cancer”

Why I support pretty much every strike

Why is there dark matter?

A look at the online services for Commodore 64s that eventually became AOL

Tom Ewing on 70s children’s comics at the dawn of Thatcherism

Slate Star Codex on why CBT may be getting less effective (standard SSC comments warning applies)

Andrew Rilstone on whether Jesus was married 1,2,3,4

The risks of mandating backdoors in encryption

Software sucks, and no-one cares

Nick Barlow explains the real splits in the Lib Dems, and why journalists always get it wrong.

Can Quantum Computing Reveal The True Meaning Behind Quantum Mechanics?

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