My Favourite Head Of State “Review” So Far

A few people on a Faction Paradox group on Facebook have said nice things — and the Faction Paradox fans have all picked up on the ending (which I hope works for non-FP fans but will mean more for those who know the background), so I’m interested in seeing what people who don’t know Faction Paradox will make of the book. But my favourite post about it was this, from a Tumblr user and Faction Paradox fan I follow:

Freelance Jake saying '    Two-thirds through Head of State now (Ch. 29), and… it can’t be. But it is, isn’t it? It has to be. I mean, it has to. Oh, you glorious bastard! Finally!'

Yeah. I think that’s one to be proud of…

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6 Responses to My Favourite Head Of State “Review” So Far

  1. James Brough says:

    I’ve ordered my copy. ..

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks! Make sure you’ve read The Book Of The War first, because while the book can stand alone, it *does* work better if the reveal they’re talking about makes sense to you…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      (And you’d have got a free copy if you were an ebook person)

  2. Ordered the book + eBook; very intrigued with how it’ll fit into to certain events in tBotW.

  3. If I haven’t commented yet it’s only because my new kindle is having difficulty with files sent to it. I’ll be all over this soon, all the best simon bj

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