Linkblogging For 30/6/15

You *will* get the Batpost tomorrow, but this heatwave has completely messed my ability to think up, and I’m having to get up early and write in the morning before work, before everything heats up, rather than at 10PM when I normally write. I can barely breathe, in fact. So for now, links. Sorry. You’ll have proper posts every day for the rest of the week. Sorry again.

Jack Graham on Hannibal

The Atlantic on a world without work

Lady Mark absolutely destroys a proposal from Liberal Reform. I usually find myself in agreement with Joe Otten, who defends the proposal in the comments, but not this time.

What is code (in the computer sense)?

Leonard Pierce on streaming services and the impoverishment of culture

Sadly, while the US Supreme Court made some very good decisions this week, it also made some bad ones. One was reaffirming the constitutionality of the death penalty. Here are some excerpts from the dissent, showing why this was wrong on legal, as well as moral, grounds.

And finally, Head Of State is now available to buy as an ebook, as well as pre-ordering in dead tree

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