Laptop Stands — Recommendations?

I want to try writing standing up, because I’m having serious RSI and back problems at the moment. I want to find something that will raise my laptop to roughly eye height, but will *also* raise the USB keyboard to roughly waist height (I can’t use my laptop keyboard — using it is what started the RSI in the first place). I can’t find anything suitable on Amazon, Argos, or Maplin, but something like this *must* exist — anyone have any recommendations?

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4 Responses to Laptop Stands — Recommendations?

  1. Tony Harms says:

    I was talking to someone last night who uses an apple speak to write programme to write up his notes. I have no idea what software he uses. I suspect you must have considered this option. There seem to be quite a lot of things on Amazon that mught do the trick – maybre they are too flimsy. One possibility if you have the space is to put a coffee table on top of a kitchen table (49″ working surface) and a kitchen chair on top of that 67″) for the laptop to sit on. Blue tac them to stop wobbling.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Sadly the speech-to-text stuff for GNU/Linux is utterly risible at the moment.
      As for the chair-on-table-on-table solution — nice idea, but not practical for me. I’m dyspraxic and need very sturdy stuff to avoid breakage…

  2. FrF says:

    I don’t want want to make a practical recommendation but a conceptual one: I’ve become fascinated by treadmill desks and want to buy such a contraption in the near future (or at least improvise a treadmill desk by putting together a seperately-bought standing desk and a treadmill). See Neal Stephenson’s remarks on his td experience:

    There are also a lot of td videos on YouTube but please don’t take the one from Business Insider as anything more than comic relief!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I actually got the idea from reading Stephenson talk about treadmill desks. Sadly, treadmill desks cost about a thousand pounds…

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