Linkblogging For 02/06/15

I’ll be posting my review of the Beach Boys shows tomorrow — I accidentally hit “post” on an unfinished draft just a minute ago, which some of you may have seen before I hid it, but it should be about twice as long when I’ve finished it. In the meantime, have links.

Many people have written about the horrible news that Charles Kennedy has died. Alex Wilcock’s post is possibly the best, but Jennie’s is the one I found most moving, by a long way.

No, MPs are not “giving themselves a pay rise”

How *not* to do cryptography, Bitcoin style…

If Labour want to challenge the Tories, they must embrace electoral reform

A massive list of downloadable John Peel shows

Why do we fetishise work?

Penises ruin everything, even Lego

And John Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment has been performed and went as predicted, meaning that decisions made in the future really do affect the past.

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