Linkblogging For 26/05/15

I’m still slogging my way through the “best” novellas of John C Wright, World’s Greatest Living Author (according to the Rabid Puppies), and I’m losing the will to live. There are only so many heavy-handed Christ analogues beating one over the head with American culture-war crap one can take, and I’m a LONG way past my limit for the day. The next couple of days I’ll be posting gig reviews (the Beach Boys and Paul McCartney) so expect the “best” novella post on Friday or Saturday.
In the meantime, have links.

Alex Wilcock’s post-election post about the Lib Dems

Charles Stross reprints an old story about Labour authoritarianism, because of Cameron’s own authoritarianism. I like Richard Gadsden’s comment, as well.

Tom Ewing on a conference about music journalism

The stages of grief: the journey to constitutional liberalism

We need to make the case for liberalism as a whole, not just a set of policies

And a blog post about extracting audio from photos of records

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