Normal Blogging Resumes Monday

Today I’m doing final edits on the manuscript of my novel, Faction Paradox: Head of State. Tomorrow I may go and visit some friends in Yorkshire.
From Monday, I’ll be doing non-political music posts for most of the month. I intend to finish off California Dreaming this month, and I’ll be reviewing gigs by the touring Beach Boys and Paul McCartney, and maybe also by Pacific Soul Ltd, B-Side, and Blake Jones & The Trike Shop.
Those who want to read me talking about things other than music, a reminder — over on Mindless Ones I’m doing a ten-part serialised look at Grant Morrison’s comic Multiversity, which will be running daily for the next week. Parts one, two, and three are already up. (Note that this was written just *before* the election — I hit “post” on the first part five hours before heading out to start the horror that was polling day).
June will probably mostly be posts about science fiction — I’ll be looking at the Hugo nominees and also restarting my Heinlein reread and Pratchett guides.
Maybe in July I’ll have more to say on the election publicly. I think I *might* have a cool enough head by then…

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