Post-Election Liberal Playlist

I can’t write today. Too angry, too sad, too worried. Instead, have some music that sums up my very complicated mixture of despair and determination to fight back:

The Land Song — George Hardy
Winter of 79 — Tom Robinson Band
No Matter Who You Vote For, The Government Always Gets In — The Bonzo Dog Band
I Feel Liberal Alright — David Steel
Jerusalem — Steve Earle
For What It’s Worth — Buffalo Springfield
Hard Times Of Old England Retold — The Imagined Village
After The Fall — Klaus Nomi
It Won’t Always Be The Same — The Millennium
Common People — Pulp
Dead End Street — The Kinks
Ghost Town — The Specials
This Land Is Your Land — Woody Guthrie

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3 Responses to Post-Election Liberal Playlist

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  2. Tony Harms says:

    I don’t mind failing in this world Malvina Reynolds
    Wont get fooled again Rolling Stones
    Road to Hell Chris Rea
    Stand up and fight Oscar Hammerstein after Henri Meilhac (sans banalite)

  3. Tony Harms says:

    And, of course:
    The Captain Leonard Cohen

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