Linkblogging for 24/04/15

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days; my insomnia has been particularly bad, and I had to do two hustings this week, on Wednesday and yesterday, as part of the election campaign. I don’t like public speaking, it’s not my political strength, and it used all my brain power for the week.
I hope to get an early night tonight and then write up a backlog of posts this weekend, so those of you who are missing my Cal Dreaming, Cerebus, or Batposts, or wondering what happened to the Heinlein and Pratchett reading guides (Sid & Doris Bonkers), will be pleased. I also want, probably tomorrow, to post something about how the Lib Dems deal with coalition-forming, because everything I’ve seen from supposed professional journalists has been at best a misunderstanding and at worst outright lying. Between life stuff and the Rabid Puppy fiasco, I’m about a month behind where I wanted to be with blog posts — I still need to review The King In Yellow, The Locksley Exploit, and Liberating Earth on here as well.
But right now, you get links, as I’m too sick with exhaustion to write:

An Amnesty petition to stop the drownings in the Mediterranean

Jonn Elledge on what he wants politicians to say
. Warning to some: this is on a New Statesman-affiliated site, but it’s not actually on the New Transphobe itself for those boycotting.
An oral history of the making of Airplane!
On autism, the Big Bang Theory, context, labels, and responsibility
Andrew Rilstone has released a short ebook about Winnie The Pooh for his Patreon subscribers. He’s also reviewed the Superman vs Batman trailer.
I’m sure you’ve already seen a link to Phil Sandifer’s 13000 word piece on the Rabid Puppies, but if not, here it is.
And speaking of the Rabid Puppies, here’s Charles Stross on hippo arse leeches

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