Back In A Few Days

I did have a lot of stuff planned for the blog over the last few days and the next few — the next Batman post, some more California Dreaming, a review of the new Brian Wilson album, the next novel chapter for the Patreons, Chuck Wendig’s latest flash fiction challenge, the rest of that Pratchett series I was doing, and some posts about Heinlein requested by Prankster.

However, after a weekend where I was fairly drained by socialising (all good stuff, but I’m autistic and people take a lot out of me) I got in on Sunday to find all of Reddit and half of 4chan here, and had to spend three days dealing with the fallout of that (If I never see a comment starting “actually…” “I think you’ll find that…” or “As a gamer…” or talking about censorship it’ll be far too soon). Luckily the traffic here is down to just three or four times normal now, not thirty or forty.

I also had to deal with some confusion over my council nomination papers (all sorted, but it involved trying to coordinate some very busy people into being in the same place at the same time) and have also got some family stuff to deal with (nothing terrible, just life stuff).

The combination of all this means that I’ve currently got globus (an annoying stress-related thing where there’s a permanent lump in your throat), back pain from muscle tension, a nervous tic in my left eye, a bloodshot and swollen right eye, and a migraine.

All those posts will happen eventually, and fairly soon, but how soon depends on how I’m feeling. Don’t worry, I’ll be OK (and should still make my 20,000 words for my Patreons this month as usual), but I just need to not do anything that might raise my blood pressure…

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4 Responses to Back In A Few Days

  1. Larry S. says:

    All this hell, Andrew – and you still feel responsible to your blog readers. You are a rare sort, get well soon. Maybe you should not read anything political for the next couple of days…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks — sadly we’re in the middle of an important election campaign over here, and I’m standing as a (council) candidate…

    • Holly says:

      He shouldn’t read anything political for the next couple of weeks, if he wants his health to improve. But he’s addicted and I know he won’t stop.

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