Signal-Boosting Other Voices In The Hugo Kerfuffle

For the last couple of days, through what is mostly an accident of timing, a blog post I did the other day has been getting more traffic than my whole blog often gets in a whole month. It’s been being linked all over the place, by all kinds of people, and… I’m kind of uncomfortable about that.

As a cis white straight English-speaking man, I am not someone who is in the direct line of fire of these people. They hate women, LGBT+ people, and people of colour. It’s them, not me, who should be listened to about this, about what effect it’s having, and about how it should be dealt with.

So I’ve spent today compiling as many blog posts as I can from people who present themselves on the internet as anything other than a cishet white man (most but not all present as white women; I tried to find as many PoCs and non-binary people as I could, but couldn’t find much. If people link some in the comments here, I’ll add them). Other than that none of these people think that the neoreactionaries are actually good (I will not link to Dark Enlightenment propaganda, no matter how it’s phrased or who it’s from) these aren’t chosen because I agree with them or don’t, but because they’re people who should be listened to.

(Many of these people have a bigger audience than I do, some by orders of magnitude, but others don’t, and they all have a *different* audience from mine. I’m under no illusions — my blog is not an important one, and no-one needs me to wield my mighty influence so they can be heard. This is just because a LOT of people who don’t normally read my blog, or indeed participate in SF fandom, have somehow ended up here because they’re looking for information.)

Cat Sitting Still has five posts on this, specifically on the way slates distort the nomination process I, II, III, IV, V

Abigail Nussbaum as always has a lot of sensible thoughts, and links to a wide variety of other people

Calico Writes on the Hugo voting system

Carrie Cuinn thinks that those complaining are part of the problem

Deirdre Moen has a list of the non-slate candidates, a chart of how the slates have affected voting, and a filk

Roz Kaveney has “not a post about the Hugos”

Kate Nepveu quotes herself from last year

Charlie Jane Anders’ take on IO9

Mary Anne Mohanraj has some advice for the Sad Puppy organisers

Bookworm Blues has a lamentation

Elizabeth Bear sees voting against a slate as an antibody

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw has a look at how this happened

Feminist Batwoman talks about ethics in award nominations and goes into more detail in response to a question

Diane Duane isn’t impressed with dinosaur shit

Jo Walton posts some appropriate classic poetry

Claire Rousseau has a video response

Kaffyr is sad and angry over what’s happened

Alyc Helms shares her own nominations as a protest

Amal El-Mohtar thinks that white supremacy, violence against women, and hatred of queer people feel like business as usual

(Edit 1 Charles Stross mentions in the comments to this that he’s bi, which I hadn’t known before, so his post qualifies in this roundup too.)

And finally, not a response to *this* year’s slate, but to some of the events that have led up to it, N.K. Jemsin’s WisCon speech last year. Jemsin has been a particular target of the worst of the worst of these people, and I think should have the last word here.

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2 Responses to Signal-Boosting Other Voices In The Hugo Kerfuffle

  1. Sherrie says:

    Well done. I’m going to use this as a model for how I can help signal boost as an ally. I’m reading several of these articles and it’s good to get perspective on what’s happening.

  2. Deirdre says:

    Thank you! I also have a big round up post with a lot of coverage of some of the internal poitics of fandom (e.g., fan-run conventions vs. pro-run), but a 10-hour flight from Heathrow today has melted my brain after days of conventions doing so. Soon!

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