Anti-Fascist Podcasting

I was invited on a podcast last night by Jack Graham, the blogger who does Shabogan Graffiti, the Marxist Doctor Who blog.

The subject was the Sad and Rabid Puppy slates, the neofascist scum who’ve taken over the Hugos, and whose droppings I keep having to clean up from my comments section (as they can’t read, none of them have noticed the post saying that their comments won’t be approved, and given the way they write, I don’t even have to read more than the first sentence or two, or sometimes just their name, before deleting the rest unread, but there are a LOT of them at the moment).

Here’s the podcast (description Jack’s). It was recorded between midnight and 2AM last night, after a long and stressful day, and I’ve not listened to it since and don’t remember much of what I said, so please don’t take anything I say as being the final word on anything. I undoubtedly made mistakes both factual and logical, and unlike with a blog post there’s no way to rewrite it if I did. Just think of it as a chat between friends in a bar, rather than an attempt at something definitive.

(Also, it being me, Jack, and Phil talking, there are rather long sections on the analogy between postmodernism and poststructuralism and how it relates to modernism and structuralism, I remember that, and Holly says I woke her up shouting “the Futurians were Trotskyists!” so there’s something about that, too. It’s a wide-ranging discussion).

All of which said, there’s one thing I remember for certain, which is that the conclusion from all three of us was “fuck Fascism”. As the first and last word on the subject, that’s pretty reasonable.

A Marxist, a postmodernist and liberal walk into a bar… and form a united front. Join Jack Graham, Phil Sandifer and the superb Andrew Hickey for an unexpected emergency Shabcast on the subject of the recent fascist incursion on the Hugo Awards nominations.

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