And one final thing on this whole mess

I appreciate my blog has been rather dominated by one issue for the last few days, and it’ll stop very soon, but I just want to say this publicly.
I am a cishet white man, and as such my opinion is not necessarily the one you want to be listening to when it comes to fascists. Unfortunately, most of the other people I’ve seen talking about this issue are also cishet white men, because we do tend to have very loud voices.
If anyone could point me to posts or discussions about this from people who don’t fit that category, please let me know (obviously there are a few I read already, but there will be far more I don’t) either in the comments or by email and I’ll do a links list tomorrow or Wednesday of just those people.
My initial post was meant as an explanation for the few hundred or so people who normally come here, so if they saw me grumbling on Twitter or wherever about it they’d know what I was talking about. It has somehow become the most-linked thing I’ve ever done, with yesterday and today being the two highest-traffic days in this blog’s history by a huge margin. I didn’t expect that, I didn’t want it, and I don’t like it, so while I’ve got an audience for five milliseconds (because I am not kidding myself for one second that this temporary spike will stay) I would very much like to use it to signal boost, not drown out, the voices of those who are directly hurt by this.

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