A Brief Note on Comments Here, Sad Puppies, and Gamergate

This is not a free speech area. This is my website and comments are at my sufferance.

I say this because yesterday’s post has attracted the attention of a *lot* of people who are sealioning about Gamergate and the “Sad Puppies”. So just to make my opinions perfectly clear:

Those people have declared themselves the enemy of everything good in humanity. Some, like “Vox Day”, have declared in their words that they want to see an end to civilisation and to basic human decency. Others have done so by their actions, sending rape and death threats to innocent people. And yet others have done so simply by choosing to allow themselves to be associated with those people for their own commercial gain or to boost their own reputations.

The very best people in that group are stupid, vicious, thugs who want to see everything I love destroyed and all beauty gone from the world. The worst people are the psychopathic hucksters who don’t even believe the shit they’re selling the useful idiots, but think they can make money from them and don’t care what harm they do in that pursuit.

If you are speaking on their side, however “politely”, however “civilly”, you are speaking on behalf of people who wish to see my friends and loved ones murdered. Your comments will no more be approved here than those of Josef Goebbels would.

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4 Responses to A Brief Note on Comments Here, Sad Puppies, and Gamergate

  1. misssbgmail says:

    Love you *hug*

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      (Oh no! I’m showing affection for someone else! Now they’ll be able to call me a Beta too!)

  2. James Brough says:

    Well said.

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