First 25 Pages of New Novel, for Patreons

For those who are donating $1 a month or more, you can now read the first 25 pages of my new novel at Patreon. I decided the reason I was going so slowly with this compared with my other writing was that I wasn’t writing to an audience, so I’ve uploaded chapters one through eight plus prologue (this is a thriller of sorts, chapters are short) as a PDF, and I’ll be doing at least one extra chapter a week on Patreon until the book’s done in first draft. I’ll then do a rewrite and publish it, and only then will I start to serialise it here.
In this week’s bumper edition:
A perilous journey!
A suicide!
A new job hinges on a crossword!
An unhappy couple!
A puzzle that needs a Professor!
Satanism in the corridors of power!
A history lesson!
And an unresolved puzzle!
Featuring Dennis Wheatley, Rudolf Hess, Alan Turing, Aleister Crowley, and Ian Fleming’s brother, As Yet Untitled Second Novel is worth anyone’s $1 a month, probably!

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