Linkblogging For 19/3/15

I’ll have a proper post tomorrow (Batpost), but I’ve spent the time I would normally have spent blogging today and yesterday sorting out a new theme for this blog (the old one was long-unsupported), tidying up some (though nowhere near all) of the tags, and other routine maintenance type stuff. So links.

The trailer for Brian Wilson’s live PBS special that airs in a couple of weeks. The songs from the new album sound rather better in a live setting with Brian’s band than they do in the studio recordings, but I’m still not hugely enthusiastic about them. Hoping the stuff I *haven’t* heard from the album is better. But this special should be good.

Jack Graham on anti-Stratfordianism

Alex Wilcock lists fifty things he loves about Britain. I agree with at least forty-five or so.

Rachel Reeves, the failure of imagination, and the future of work

I can text you a pile of poo, but I can’t write my name

Clitoral piercings are probably not illegal

Sarah Brown’s speech to Lib Dem Conference calling for an end to trans conversion “therapy”

Feminist Aspie explains why functioning labels are bad

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