Linkblogging For 20/2/15

Just links today, I’m afraid…

I don’t normally link to the other Mindless Ones here — I’m not sure why, it feels like nepotism or something, even though it’s a fantastic site — but since all the Big Serious Important Comic Sites seem to be ignoring Brett Ewins’ death, all the more reason to link to this by The Beast Must Die

Is Work Good?

An article on the absurd results likely in the next election thanks to our broken system

The Wrong Objections to the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics

A rather wonderful introduction to 50s and 60s jazz on Freaky Trigger. I was already aware of a lot of what’s talked about here, but hadn’t put it together in quite this way (oddly, this stuff is feeling rather than thinking music for me, even though it’s some of the most analytical, theoretical music ever made…)

Leonard Pierce on the campaign to change the name of a building named after a white supremacist bigot

Slate Star Codex provides a mental-health-based case for a basic income

Zoe O’Connell responds to Peter Tatchell on free speech vs freedom from criticism

Dave Page on some of the problems with “vote for policies” websites

Andrew Rilstone on the “Islam is not a race” argument

Dinah The Aspie Dinosaur is a new webcomic about a dinosaur with Asperger’s.

The NSA and GCHQ illegally broke into the computers of the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards, and got access to all the encryption keys on all the cards.

A clear candidate for best headline I’ll see this week “The Toronto Circus Riots of 1855: The Day The Clowns Picked The Wrong Toronto Brothel”

Alex’s Archives on lessons Lib Dems need to learn about coalition

Online voting won’t work, but that won’t stop them from introducing it anyway

The intertwining of whorephobia and transphobia

Sarah Brown on the letter by transphobes to the Observer

Fifty Shades of Grey exposes the problem with extreme porn laws

Are New Atheist authors and leaders trying to pull the same awful crime that Neopagan authors and leaders tried back in the late 1980s? Brad Hicks thinks so…

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  1. frafu says:

    Nice links as always, Andrew! One of the most eloquent and enthusiastic blogs about experimental music and jazz is this one by Hank Shteamer Shteamer is an extraordinary writer!

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