My Enemy’s Enemy Is Not My Friend, and Nor is my Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy

OK… just to make my position *QUITE* clear, since it appears some people are under some serious misapprehensions:

I do not, as I hope my post the other day made clear, like transphobic bigots at all, even a little bit.

I also do not, as I thought I wouldn’t ever have to make clear, but apparently I do, like people like Mr Ciaran Goggins, who harasses women online, tries to reveal the private identities of people who remain pseudonymous for fear of harassment, and links to sites revealing the name and address of rape victims in high-profile cases. Even IF some of the people he is harassing are transphobic bigots, I’m not in favour of harassment campaigns *anyway*, and his reasons for attacking them are not because of their transphobia but because of their campaigning against rape. The comments of Mr Goggins and his ilk, whether attempting to post potentially-libellous and possibly dangerous supposed personal information about third parties, or just trying to post personal abuse aimed at me for not approving his comments, will not be let through (and in fact after Mr Goggins’ second attempt at posting, he has been blocked in such a way that I won’t even see his comments to unblock them).

However, I *also also* do not like people who apparently have some kind of vendetta against Mr Goggins and choose to continue this vendetta by attempting to post potentially-libellous and definitely disgustingly homophobic slurs against him. I dislike Mr Goggins for his support of rapists against their victims, not for his sexuality, which I neither know nor care about.

So just to make it *ABSOLUTELY FUCKING CLEAR* — and I shouldn’t have to do this:

My dislike of transphobic bigots does not imply a hatred of feminism and feminists generally. My dislike of pro-rapist campaigners does not imply homophobia. Take your disgusting, sordid, little vendettas elsewhere.

(Oh, and to the person who made the most recent attempt at commenting about Mr Goggins, please check your employers’ IT misuse policy. I have not reported your use of their resources for hate speech to them yet (though I reserve the right to do so should you try again), but others may not be so lenient, and you’re nowhere near as anonymous as you think…)

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