Linkblogging For 12/2/15

A visit to the sleep clinic at an ungodly hour this morning means I didn’t get any sleep, so you get links today…

The state of whole-brain emulation in 2015

On the continued critical primacy of the white male auteur Jon Hunt makes some of the points I was trying to make the other day, better than I did.

Language and autism: what every social care professional should know

Are the main political parties heading for extinction?

The Tories think the current immigration rules are unfair — so they promise to make them worse

MP3s of the record sent on the Voyager probe

Love and Garbage on those sites that claim to sell plots of land with titles in Scotland

Slate Star Codex on some of the reasons black people may be underrepresented in polyamory (As always, a reminder that many of his readers are neoreactionary “Red Pill” types, and so even more than usual I wouldn’t look at the comments (I’ve not looked at them myself))

And The Daily Mash on our wonderfully simple voting system

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