Me Elsewhere

Many of you may already be aware of the blog of Philip Sandifer, whose TARDIS Eruditorum has for the last four years mixed infuriatingly wrong Doctor Who commentary with infuriatingly perceptive Doctor Who commentary in roughly equal measure. Phil’s posted the last ever TARDIS Eruditorum entry today, and it’s a big one — somewhere north of 100,000 words, or the length of a longish novel — so I’ve not yet read it all.

But I’ve written a bit for it. Phil asked a few of us who’ve written guest posts for him in the past, including a number of my friends and some occasional commenters here, to write short vignettes based on Doctor Who characters, which he could insert into the post. My own attempt is roughly a third of the way through the post, and is the kind of stupidly over-referential thing that I thought Phil would find amusing — and if you’re someone who’s obsessed with William Blake, Doctor Who spinoffery, bad puns and Alan Moore’s juvenilia, then you might like it too.

(My bit is the one that starts “Did he buggery!” and features Iris, Panda, and the Bearded Guardian).

If you don’t like that stuff… well, there’s plenty of other things in this post, and I’m sure most of them are good. I’ll know one way or another in a couple of days, when I’ve read it all…

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