Linkblogging for 8/2/15

Sorry for the comparative silence for a few days. I had a migraine that lasted longer than most do, and that’s mucked up my brain chemistry enough that I’m not thinking straight (made a real idiot of myself on Twitter earlier, for example). I should be back properly tomorrow, and I’ve got a week off which I intend to spend mostly writing, so should build up a decent backlog of posts, but for now, have links:

Basic income thought of as vaccination

The polygraph has been lying to us for eighty years

A transcript of Bob Dylan’s speech to the MusiCares event

Stewart Lee on ticket touts

Why the EU should introduce a basic income

Lawrence Burton reviews Zenith

Samsung TVs are listening to everything you say

Peter Watts has reasons to be cheerful about privacy

Slate Star Codex on current treatments for addiction

Andrew Rilstone on interpreting the Bible

Freaky Trigger on The Masses Against The Classes

Phil Sandifer on The Five(ish) Doctors

And my wife, Holly, talks about how the British immigration system affected her mental health.

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