Linkblogging For 31/1/15

Even though I had twelve hours’ sleep last night, I’m *still* too exhausted to think after two weeks with no real sleep at all, so you get links today.

Cab Calloway’s “Hepster’s Dictionary”

Slut-shaming, Eugenics, and Donald Duck: the Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies

A beginners’ guide to the redpill right

Procrastination is not laziness

“We” (by which the title means neurotypicals — any autistic person could have told them this, but autistic people are never part of “we”) might have autism backwards

Some thoughts on consent and empathy

High-performing employees prefer working from home, and get more done when they can. Obviously.

How the US Government put tens of thousands at risk of a deadly disease

Leonard Pierce on Grant Morrison

Red Drag Diva has fifteen Bitcoin predictions for 2015

And a one-letter typo accidentally destroyed a 124-year-old business.

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