Linkblogging For 27/1/15

I’ve had broken sleep for the last five nights, so you get links today. Batman post tomorrow.

How efficient can a Jupiter brain be?

Americans are losing their faith and Republicans are to blame

A.C. McGregor on why fracking is a stupid idea

Andrew Rilstone has a new book out

You’ve almost certainly already seen this one, on being a writer subsidised by one’s partner

Notes Toward the Complete Works of Shakespeare — a PDF of what happens if you put a computer in a cage with six monkeys

I have a vague feeling I’ve linked this before, but Google isn’t showing me when — a proof that markets are efficient iff P=NP

Feminist Aspie on the assumptions people make about socialising

And the second book of Philip Purser-Hallard’s Devices Trilogy has been announced. Warning — the title is a spoiler for the twist in the first book…

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