A Brief Note For My Patreon Followers

Later today, in an hour or two, I’ll be posting the first excerpt of the first draft of my novel to Patreon, for those on the $5-per-month or higher bands to look over. This is mostly because that group includes a few people whose opinions I really value — I’m doing it as much for feedback to improve the novel as anything else.
I will then, immediately, be deleting it. If you’re configured for email notifications, you should receive the full thing as an email, but I’m planning on shopping this round traditional publishers when it’s done, so I’m not going to leave any portions of it online as that may interfere with the contracts.
(If I *don’t* get a traditional publishing deal with this, I’ll eventually self-publish it and serialise it on this blog, but that won’t be for a while yet).

I’ll be doing this as I get each chunk of the first draft in a semi-coherent state. I’ve finally got enough of the research and the background done that these should happen relatively often.

For the rest of you, there’ll be a proper blog post tonight.

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