New Batposts up on Patreon and Mindless Ones

A few days late, because I took a week off non-work writing to rest my hands after a particularly vicious bout of RSI. Over on Patreon, the most wonderful, delightful, people in the world (those who pay me $1 a month or more) get to read my thoughts on A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away (not one of the more interesting episodes to talk about…), while on Mindless Ones, the scum who don’t even think I’m worth half the price of a small latte a month can read what I wrote a month ago about the first Joker story

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3 Responses to New Batposts up on Patreon and Mindless Ones

  1. Quarry says:

    Being A. broke, B. genuinely interested in your content and C. tired of being insulted every single time you mention your Patreon (which, nothing against Patreon or the people who give you money or indeed your making exclusive content for them if you so choose, but lots of people manage to use the service without calling the rest of their readership “scum”), I would like to know exactly how much you resent people reading your content without paying for it.

    If you feel genuinely insulted, I’ll take the hint and stop reading the Mindless Ones posts. If it’s just a rhetoric flourish, you’ve already expressed the point by now. Quite thoroughly.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I resent those people precisely not at all, or I wouldn’t post them to Mindless Ones at all. It’s by way of being a joke.

  2. The reason I’m not acting as anyone’s patreon, and (one of the reasons) I’m not seeking patreonic payments myself is I can see myself getting caught in a web of support in which all the people I like and whose writing I like pay each other with no net gain, and no certainty that those who are most in-need and/or the best writers are most supported. If I had time to research it more thoroughly I might discount this, but at the moment its a can of worms. This may be a cop-out excuse for doing nothing, but the amount I give to charity each month is already underthreat, as is my ‘personal’ spending, aside from family needs, and I think conflating the two somehow blurs the issue(s) [do I *want* to buy a specific piece of writing X?, do I want to suport a good writer Y in general, irrespective of quality of writing X?, should I be spending what proportion of my funds on things I like as against supporting people poorer than me? etc etc.]

    I don’t however feel insulted by the jokes, they’re jokes!

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