Linkblogging For 21/1/15


Nick Barlow on the Telegraph’s patronising article about the Greens’ policies. I’m no fan of the Greens, but for very different reasons than the Telegraph…

Speaking of which, here’s Sarah Brown on the Greens’ transphobic transport spokesentity, Rupert Read, and the phenomenon of male TERFs

Back To The Future, Time Travel, and the Secret History of the 1980s

A lecture and reading list from when Sun Ra lectured at Berkeley

Ron Mael singing “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us” in a karaoke bar

The Daleks’ comic strip started fifty years ago next Friday. Here is all of it on Flickr

And the Sun’s “no Page 3” thing was, as the tweet I linked in yesterday’s post sort-of suggested, a publicity stunt. It’s back already. (Link NSFW as it shows the page in question).

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