Linkblogging For 09/01/15

That mammoth Elvis post last night seems to have used up all of my words, so you get links today:

Paul Magrs rewrites the lyrics to Bowie’s Five Years as an Alan Bennett monologue. This is already quite possibly the best blog post of 2015 — Holly found it funny and touching even without knowing the song.

Danny Alexander is a bad choice to represent the Lib Dems on the economy during the election campaign

A Gamergate site was tricked into running a John Birch Society pamphlet

(Warning ConservativeHome) The history of Conservative support on electoral reform. I’m seeing a lot more of this sort of thing lately. Lot of Tories realising what a mistake they made over the AV referendum.

A new class of antibiotic, which kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria, has been discovered

Ten surprisingly effective 2PM pick-me-ups

One Direction fans will increase the population of Cardiff by 41% in June. Sorry Djangocon

A recording of Carl Sagan saying the word “billions”, stretched to last an hour

The current Humble Ebook Bundle has loads of critically-acclaimed Image Comics titles in on a pay-what-you-want basis

And finally, here’s the one single by Alf “Freddie” Lennon, John’s dad. As Tilt pointed out to me yesterday, the intro is… interesting…

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  1. Mike Taylor says:

    What am I missing about the introduction?

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