Linkblogging For 06/01/15

I’m too tired to write after the first day back in the office, so while I’ve got the next two days’ blog posts (on Oscar Wilde’s influence on Cerebus tomorrow, and on Different Drum by the Stone Poneys on Thursday) planned out, I don’t have the brain to finish them, so you get links.

Slate Star Codex on the question of whether depression is caused by inflammation (maybe, seems to be the answer)

A lovely little fragment of Doctor Who fanfic, hopefully to be continued, by Jack Graham

Is the NHS failing women with autism?

Open-plan offices are destroying the workplace

(See also a similar post in The New Yorker from a year ago which I have bookmarked)

86 Viral images from 2014 that were fake

And the harrowing story of someone who learned something about her boyfriend that no girl should ever have to discover

and Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter

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