I Aten’t Dead

But I do, however, *feel* like death. I’ve had a horrible respiratory infection since last Sunday (which I first just thought was my lungs not coping with my family’s smoking), which I’m still not properly over, and I’ve been at my in-laws’ since Tuesday, when I’ve not been left to myself long enough to actually put together two sentences.
Insane optimist that I am, I’m still hoping to get *something* written today or tomorrow, but we fly back Tuesday, and don’t get back until Wednesday morning, so I’m not expecting normal service to resume til Thursday.
My apologies to my Patreon patrons for this meaning I’ve not hit my word targets for December — but I’ve got a couple of days off once we get back, so I’m going to try to do two posts a day for a few days and make it up a bit. Posts I have planned for when I have enough time and health to write them are:
Next Batman post
Next Cerebus post, on the influence of Oscar Wilde on the comic
Review of the Monkees’ first album ultra-deluxe box set
A thing about Multiversity
And four CalDream posts — Once I Was by Tim Buckley, Electricity by Captain Beefheart, Different Drum by the Stone Poneys, and I Think It’s Going To Rain Today by Ruthann Friedman.

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2 Responses to I Aten’t Dead

  1. Hollistic Tendancies says:

    You were left to yourself all of yesterday while I had to do chores! I’m definitely gonna need a holiday from this holiday.

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