New Batman Posts on Patreon and Mindless Ones

On my Patreon, those of you who donate money to me can find out my views on the third Batman ’66 story, The Joker Is Wild/Batman Is Riled, while those of you who don’t even have any Christmas spirit at all and are probably due to be visited by ghosts on Wednesday night can read an earlier piece, on the 1949 Batman serial, over at Mindless Ones.

Also, my apologies for the light posting over the last week or so — I’ve had some family problems to deal with (nothing irreversibly bad, but stressful and time-consuming). I’m hoping to get a CalDream post up tomorrow, and ideally a couple more posts queued up, but on Tuesday I fly out to the US to spend Xmas week with my in-laws, getting back to the UK on New Year’s Eve. I’m *hoping* to get a lot of writing done while I’m over there, but I can’t guarantee it, as while I’m there I’m at the whim of others, so expect either a *LOT* of posts or absolutely none for the rest of the month.

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