This Year’s Holiday Mix

I was going to call this a Christmas mix, but given that there are songs about New Year and Hanukkah, and several generic “winter” songs, this is The Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! Generic Winterval Holiday Mix

I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas — The Goons
Happy New Year — Beverly
Back Door Santa — Clarence Carter
Blue Christmas (To Whom It May Concern) — Miles Davis
Snowflakes — The Honeys
We Three Kings Of Orient Are — The Beach Boys
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town — Little Richard
Rock & Roll Winter — Wizzard
New Year Carol/Residue — Waterson: Carthy
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day — Frank Sidebottom
Wonderful Christmastime — Paul McCartney
White Christmas — Charlie Parker
Shake Hands With Santa Claus — Louis Prima
I’m Spending Hanukah In Santa Monica — Tom Lehrer
The Santa Claus Crave — Elzadie Robinson
Auld Lang Syne — The Beach Boys

The spoken linking passages are all taken from I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Christmas Carol!

Last year’s mix is here, and 2012’s is here

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2 Responses to This Year’s Holiday Mix

  1. I hope the Beach Boys sang the proper words, viz:

    We three kings of orient are,
    One in a taxi, one in a car,
    One on a scooter, blowing his hooter,
    Following Ringo Starr

    (btw I think your novel *would* work as epistolary. Most important thing is to write in a style you’re comfortable with.)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I *think* you’ll find the words are
      We four Beatles of Liverpool are
      John in a taxi, Paul in a car
      George on a scooter, tooting his hooter,
      Following Ringo Starr

      Sadly on no Christmas album I know of do they come close to singing the right words — the closest is Frank Sidebottom’s Xmas Medley, which uses your lyrics but with the last line “travelling far like jam in a jar”.

      Nor, for that matter, do any of them seem to have the proper lyrics for Good King Wenceslas (“Good King Wenceslas looked out/of his bedroom window/Silly bugger he fell out/On a red hot cinder/Brightly shone his arse that night…”) or Jingle Bells (they all make it about sleigh rides rather than Batman, which seems to me to miss the point).

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