Linkblogging For 15/12/14

I was working til gone 10PM today, so you get links:

You’ve probably seen this, but if not, the parable of the polygons is a fun use of economics and cellular automata to put forward a social justice case. Of course, me being me, I’ve spent most of the time since I saw this finding ways in which it breaks or doesn’t match reality (for example, set everyone to 100% bigoted and you get a perfectly integrated community), but it makes its point well.

Trans people are unable to register to vote without providing their deadnames. This looks more like cockup than conspiracy to me, but either way it needs to be fixed.

Amazon goes to war against hyphens

The case of Neli Latson, a black autistic man who has so far spent four years in prison for, effectively, being a black autistic man.

A few months ago Virgin announced an open vacation policy for employees, and some people mocked me for saying this was a bad idea. Another company that did that found it was making employees take too little time off and become ill.

Custard creams are cheaper than couscous, but you can’t expect a fucking baroness to know that. I can vouch for this. I’m comfortably off financially now, but I remember days when a packet of custard creams was all I ate, when I was on the dole or working minimum wage.

And the Guardian questions Jack Straw over torture. Unsurprisingly, his answers are not very helpful

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