Linkblogging For 06/12/14

Two Batman posts will be up tomorrow for Patreons, and the introduction will be up on Mindless Ones, but I have too much of a headache today to get them up, so you get links.

The open-plan office trap

On the lack of cultural estrangement in SF

Nick Barlow is looking for Lib Dems who support the idea of a basic income. I’m one of them.

Millennium on the autumn statement

The Gender Recognition Panel is now engaging in human rights abuses

I was surprised to find out (via Jonathan Calder) that Lancet Psychiatry had a piece about The Box Of Delights — until I saw it was by Simon Guerrier, and then it made sense.

Dave Ex Machina has a proposal for a post-racial America

Richard III’s mtDNA and Y chromosomes

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