Linkblogging For 01/12/14

An immigration lawyer reviews Paddington

Lego’s letter to parents, and how not to tell a fake when you don’t see one

Slate Star Codex on why he can’t recommend the best site on psychiatric medicine to his patients

Millennium on immigration

The Lee Rigby report expected Facebook to break US law

Leonard Pierce on Ferguson and Michael Brown

A fairly decent explanation of the basics of quantum mechanics — with maths, but explained at every stage — by Greg Egan

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1 Response to Linkblogging For 01/12/14

  1. dm says:

    I find the whole controversy over the Lego photo absolutely hilarious, but only because I have te benefit of it being my best friend’s thumb depicted in the shot. I know full well it’s not faked, and that he’s just not the sort of person to bother with such things.

    I also find hilarious the various mistakes made in reporting. At least one professional report on the situation stated that he found it at his girlfriend’s grandmother’s house. Presumably this was interpreted from a heteronormative reading of an earlier report mentioning his ‘partner’. It was, as it happens, found at his boyfriend’s grandmother’s house.

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