Linkblogging For 25/11/14

I was going to get a California Dreaming post up tonight, and had a chunk of it written, but made the mistake of going online to check a fact, and that meant I saw some stuff in the news, and I ended up literally weeping for humanity, so you get links while I recover my mental health…

If we had enough housing and better wages, immigration wouldn’t be our top concern. Tim Farron talks sense.

Lembit Opik fails to beat the Liberal Democrats

Zoe O’Connell is worried that the new IP matching measures are essentially just the communications data bill under another name

Two things that my fellow Mindless Ones have done — Dan White has collected all his Cindy & Biscuit comics into one collection, which you can buy here. It’s the comic of the year, without question (yes, even better than that one). Meanwhile Illogical Volume has started posting previews of his book on The Filth, coming out next year.

What Wikipedia Taught Me About My Grandfather

Have We Reached Peak Flag?

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