Linkblogging For 19/11/14

Don’t forget to get your DVDs out tonight for your thirtieth anniversary rewatch of The Box Of Delights…

Help the GNOME foundation defend their trademark

A Greasemonkey script that allows GNU/Linux users to download whole albums from Amazon Cloud Player without messing about with user agents and so on. You’ll need to have clamz or Banshee installed as well.

An incredibly grumpy judicial ruling on electoral fraud

For the first time ever, a quantum computer has run Simon’s algorithm

Scientists have created a neural net copying the brain of a worm, and given it a Lego body, and it acts just like a real worm.

Why we should give free money to everyone. I have a feeling I’ve linked this before, but it’s still worth reading anyway.

Oprah Winfrey is paying performers in “exposure”

Myleen Klass and political failure

Republicans Are Douchebags (Slate Star Codex, so as always don’t look at comments)

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