Last Kiss: A Poem

Hold me tight and kiss me as the stars begin to dim

For the end of all reality’s a good place to begin

The nothingness is closing in, all future now is past

So hold me tight and kiss me, let our first kiss be our last

In this, the last tomorrow after one last yesterday

The time we had was borrowed, now has come the time to pay

With entropy upon us soon our bodies will be still,

So hold me tight and kiss me, let us move them while we will

I only flicked one little switch, a tiny tap is all

A final act, an act of love, for as you may recall

You said you’d only love me if the stars fell from the sky

So hold me tight and kiss me, for I know you’d never lie

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5 Responses to Last Kiss: A Poem

  1. Larry S. says:

    Beautiful…many thanks for posting. Does your spouse figure, in some way, in your poem?

  2. sharon says:

    This is gorgeous – thank you. Shine-shivery!

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