Linkblogging For 14/11/14

Today has been a bad day. However, tomorrow is Thought Bubble, so things should improve.
There will probably be no posts here until Monday, but I’m *hoping* to get my thoughts on Batman’s (rather racist) wartime adventures posted to my Patreon site at some point over the weekend. No promises though — Thought Bubble weekend is *busy*…

Meanwhile, links:

The disillusionment index — the decline of the two major parties

Bleeding Cool has a plausible explanation for the missing episode omnirumour and fallout

Peter Watts on the troll who has upset most of online SF fandom recently

Shabogan Graffiti on the appeal of the detective story

Obverse Books have open submissions for stories for the next Iris Wildthyme collection, which sounds like it will basically be Mr Benn — The Hauntological Version.

And Jeet Heer on Donne, Milton, and the birth of science fiction

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  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    Couple of points on the ominrumour explanation. The release rights to all the stories were supposedly wrapped up when the soundtracks were released, even if the pictures suddenly become available. Silent Who prints (telerecordings had optical soundtracks, so the sound should be hard to lose) are far from useless.

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