Linkblogging For 10/11/14

I’m exhausted and confused after a very hard day, so today you only get links and I’m getting an early night, but I’ll try to post a real post tomorrow morning (I’ve got one on Windy by the Association mostly done, so if I sleep now I can finish it before work), and that’ll be a belated today-post. In the meantime, links:

Tim O’Neill reviews Interstellar.

Jack Graham on Daleks and racism

Some thoughts on the prospects for a replacement for Miliband

Gavin Burrows on the Cartier/Kneale 1984 (and you should read the earlier posts, on Quatermass, as well).

The economics of anxiety

And Paul Magrs’ Brenda & Effie mysteries — about the Bride of Frankenstein, retired to Whitby, solving mysteries with a friend — are being turned into a series of original audio dramas

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