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So What Skiffy Should I Be Reading From This Year?

The nights are drawing in, and so it’s that time of year when a young man’s thoughts naturally turn to making a list of Hugo nominations.

Sadly, this year I don’t know what to nominate. I’ll be putting Philip Purser-Hallard’s The Pendragon Protocol at the top of the Best Novel ballot, (and probably also nominating him for best editor: short form and best short story as well), and for Best Related Work I’ll be nominating Paul Magrs’ The Annual Years, but there’s only a couple of months until the nominations open, and I can’t think of anything else I’m likely to nominate.

None of my usual places to look for nominations work. Greg Egan’s not published a new novel (first time in about five years he’s not put one out), Terry Pratchett’s not put out a novel for the first time in thirty years, Obverse haven’t published a novel this year…

And among the stuff I have read, nothing jumps out as Hugoworthy. I liked Lock-In well enough, but it’s just a decent book, not an award-winner. Stross’ new Laundry novel was fun, but had enough editing problems (bits of infodumping repeated in multiple places and things like that) that I couldn’t nominate it. And I’ve still not finished Ancillary Justice (I keep bouncing off it because my concentration’s been shot recently because of my health problems) so Ancillary Sword is out.

So what’s good? What’s come out this year that I should definitely have read (bearing in mind my tastes — I don’t much like space opera,loathe Mil-SF, am not keen on epic fantasy, but love novels of ideas)?