Linkblogging For 03/11/14

Don’t know why this didn’t post last night, so here it is a little late. Tonight’s post tonight.

Jennie Rigg has asked questions of every candidate standing for internal Lib Dem elections. Many have answered them. Voting members should go here to get better informed.

What mental disorder do you have?

What do you do when you think your grandma’s a murderer?

The Muppet Wicker Man

Tim at The Hurting looks at a very different history of the last 17 years of American TV

Lance Parkin interviews Alan Moore, part 1: “When I heard that Grant Morrison had received an MBE, I could only assume it was the MBE you get for not unleashing a horde of thousands of masked anarchists on the global political stage, which I’ll admit he’s always been better at than I am.”

Feminist Aspie speaks for Autistics Speaking Day

Peter Watts on “terrorist creep”

And the tribalism of the One True Party is why people are turned off from politics.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 03/11/14

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    I wonder whether Terrorist Creep might be the single most important issue in the politics of the big western states at the moment? Because it has such capacity to change everything about how a democracy works.

    (I do wish he’d left out the obviously inflammatory last sentence from his post, though. It’s going to turn a lot of people off. I can only assume it’s a very poorly calibrated joke.)

  2. plok says:

    Harper is extremely good at writing laws that the Supreme Court dogpiles on and crushes the life from, fortunately, and this would DEFINITELY be one of those…

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