Happy Weddingversary to @alexwilcock and @millenniumdome !

This is a busy weekend for me, hence no proper posts yesterday or today — every spare moment has been spent with people.

And tomorrow (well, thirty-four minutes from now) will be one of the busiest, as I’m going to the wedding of two of my favourite people, Alex Wilcock and Richard Flowers (who helps Millennium write his diary).

Tomorrow is their twentieth anniversary, but this year is the first year it’s legal for them to marry. I’ve known them both about six of those years, and I can’t think of a couple more suited to each other, or more clearly devoted to each other even after twenty years. And it says something about how much I like both of them that theirs is the first wedding I’ve attended as a guest in something like twenty-five years (in that time I’ve attended two other weddings — at one I was the groom and at the other I officiated).

So while I’ve not got time to do a proper blog post tonight, I just wanted to publicly congratulate them both.

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  1. plok says:

    Hooray! Many happy returns!

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