Linkblogging For 12/10/14

I’m actually sick with exhaustion today, so you just get links. Proper posting resumes tomorrow.

Aim high, even if you fall short

Philip of Macedon’s body has been discovered

Chris Ware’s daughter reviews a Tiny Tim album (with fan art by Ware of Tim)

Jazz Hands Serious Business on why online voting in general elections is a terrible, very bad, no good idea

An interview with Alan Garner about Alan Turing

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1 Response to Linkblogging For 12/10/14

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    How interesting that Garner and Turing were friends. Alan Garner wrote one of my very favourite novels, The Owl Service, which is usually billed as a children’s book but is so dense with layers of symbolism and illusion that I doubt anyone under the age of 30 has ever really understood it in full. (Or anyone over thirty either, for that matter.) A short book, but an incredibly dense one. I highly recommend it.

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