Linkblogging for 27/09/14

I plan to spend today and tomorrow rewriting the backlog of stuff I lost in the burglary, and get back to a regular posting schedule again tomorrow. My plan is today to rewrite the CalDreaming piece on Good Vibrations and the synopsis for my next novel, tomorrow to rewrite the Cerebus Church And State volumes 1 & 2 posts, and to bash out a short story if I get too constrained by rewriting stuff I’ve already written. That should give me a few days’ backlog again, and then I can get regular posts going. Today, have links:

Markets are the creation of the state

Leonard Pierce on police shootings of black people in the US

Gavin Burrows on Quatermass

A really good, up-to-date, list of fiction markets. Ignore the Comic Sans, this is good…

100 vinyl copies of the White Album playing at once

A review of volume two of William Paterson’s biography of Heinlein, which sounds very much like it has the same strong and weak points as volume one.

Adam as the first mansplainer — a new reading of Paradise Lost

Proper post tomorrow, if I can clear this migraine.

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