Laptop Stolen

Just so people are aware, my house was burgled last night and my laptop stolen. Luckily, I can afford a replacement, and I regularly back up my ~/home so I’ve only lost a chapter of my second novel and two blog post drafts, all of which I can rewrite without difficulty.

However, my laptop was on when it was stolen, with a web browser open, and so it’s possible, though unlikely, that the thief has been able to access my online accounts. I will be changing passwords as soon as I get a new machine and get the operating system installed, but if anything has been posted to this blog, my Facebook, either of my Twitter accounts, my Tumblr, or sent from my Gmail or National Pep email addresses, between last night and now, it wasn’t from me, so watch out.

Please let me know, by commenting here, if you’ve seen anything like that. I should be back online properly some time tomorrow (this is posted from my work laptop, before leaving work for the day — I can’t access the net from it during work hours).

For those who care about such things, nothing other than a couple of computers was stolen, and both Holly and I are basically OK.

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2 Responses to Laptop Stolen

  1. Larry S. says:

    Very sorry to hear this, Andrew; even though your wife and yourself were not at home, and it does not sound as if too many of your possessions were taken, it’s still a violation of your personal space (and life, for lack of better words). Hopefully the thief or thieves will be caught at some point soon…

  2. Tony Harms says:

    Sorry to hear about this. Burglaries are always distressing.

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