When I started the Cerebus posts on Mindless Ones, I hoped to get them finished by the Thought Bubble convention towards the end of November . The problem was, shortly after the fourth post, I got hit by every major life problem you can think of, and while I’ve been trying to make sure I get a blog post up every day (and have, I think, only missed three or four days since May) I’ve not had the mental energy to do the deep analysis stuff that I wanted to do with Cerebus.
I still haven’t, but there’s only two months to go until Thought Bubble, and I’ve realised that the two books of mine most like what I want the Cerebus book to be — Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! and An Incomprehensible Condition — were both written in very short bursts of energy.
To get everything done before Thought Bubble would require me to write twenty essays ( fourteen on Cerebus itself and six “asides” on related subjects) in about fifty days (allowing time to get copies printed). I think I can do that, if I get myself into the right kind of mental state a few times. Anyway, I’m going to try. Two months to get it done.
I’ll publish most of them on Mindless Ones, but might move the “asides” here, so I don’t completely swamp MO with Cerebus stuff.
So starting tomorrow, expect quite a lot of posts about Cerebus…

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